Grades 5 & 6

Intermediate School

We coach students in grades 5 and 6 who need to learn how to:

  • Complete assignments before their due date
  • Create an action-plan to stay focused and on task
  • Develop communication skills and self-confidence
  • Earn the grades you need to be successful
  • Get on track academically
  • Have an accountability partner
  • Identify, and overcome challenges to academic and personal goals
  • Improve study skills
  • Organizational and time management
  • Rebound from an academic shortfall or disappointment

Fabulous Coach! We have been working with Coach Duke and it's helped so much already. He has so much experience and a patient, caring attitude. Really relates so well to my 10-year-old son (who thought this might be "weird"). We need help getting organized, learning great study habits, and planning ahead. All of these traits will hopefully carry him through life and it's such a worthwhile investment to get them mastered now. I'm looking forward to seeing my smarty smart, absent minded professor (and often pigpen) guided to greatness. — Bethany F. Conroe, TX